"Don't pay a king's ransom!"

Computer Repair

A self-taught computer technician servicing the people of Rockford for 10+ years. I repair laptops, desktops, security camera and POS (Point of Sale) installations, music production, sound engineering: DJ equipment, video editing, live streaming and more.

Great Savings

Get the best service fit for a king without the extra bells and whistles. The average cost is $40 along with free antivirus and adblock services included. I provide secure anti-spying services at no additional cost. Because privacy has now become a luxury.

No Surprise Charges

I personally check and test every computer. I provide an estimate of repairs in advance with a cost vs benefits analysis to keep your repairs at an affordable budget. No bullshit. No nonsense. Straight and clear. I am bilingual in Spanish.


I work with you, not for you.

Computer Repair
Custom Computers
Security Camera Installation
Poins Of Sale Installation
Livestream Installation
DJ Equipment Installation
Video Editing
Web Design
Certified Meme Expert

Service + Support + Security

I am strongly motivated by the satisfaction of my clients. I put quality over quantity above all else. A strong believer in privacy and security. I have served well over 3,000 clients within the Rockford area alone.

You can put your trust in me with same day repairs with peace of mind. I provide continuous and sustainable support of my clients both in person and online via remote desktop.

Alonso alvarez, Computer Technician



Isla Del Mar
Tavern on Clark
BP Gas Station
Elgin Church of Nazarene
Alex Design
Buchanan Auto Repair
Axis Contracting
Precision Cycle Inc

Protect Yourself

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a
little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
- Benjamin Franklin

Killer Drones

welcome to our dystopian nightmare.

Google Spying

how corporations are tracking you.

Data Mining Children

A sesame street parody of nsa spying.

Privacy Is a Luxury

Protect your rights and liberties.